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Dr. Harish Rawat created new world record of Laughter Yoga

Dehradun 06 July 2018 (Manish Mishra). July started with the successful attempt of breaking the world record of longest Laughter Yoga Marathon of 24 Hours 13 Minutes created by two Italian brothers & creating a new world record by the completion of the longest running Laughter Yoga Marathon of 36 Hours.

Dr. Harish Rawat a certified Yoga Coach, led the marathon along with 6 team members including Dr. Ankur, Snigdha, Diksha, Madhu, Rohan & Akash, the team attempted with ample of enthusiasm aiming at bringing the pride to India, by performing non-stop Laughter Yoga for 36 long hours covering 9 modules with various laughter activities, based on daily chores, dealing stress, and even social issues like teasing, old - age homes etc, accompanied with breathing exercises; preaching for world peace the team kept re - generating energy with their will power.

Dr Harish  said "this is a 'Mahaa Yagya', Laughter & Yoga when combined together it generates a lot of positive energy, it generates a positive Aura which we shall be preaching for world peace", the program was held at Kaushambi, Ghaziabad, on 30/June/2018, Saturday, after Guru Puja,  the team initiated the marathon at sharp 9:35 AM which continued till 36 hours, breaking the previous record at 9:48 AM, on 01/July/2018, Sunday & the team created a new world record on the same day at 9:35 PM.